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Craig Head





Grady Keenan


David Lynch


Jerry Mcnulty

Grady Keenan

Originally from the Texas Pan Handle, Grady has been a long 
time participant in the country music scene. He has been 
described as a highly energetic talent. Grady is known as a 
singer, song writer and avid percussionist. Grady has played 
music since he was 9 years old. People all over the country 
have enjoyed his talents. He played in the Panhandle area of 
Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma through his grade school and 
High school years. Grady joined the Marine Corps and 
continued playing everywhere he served, Barstow, CA – Albany 
GA – San Bernadino,CA – and more…After an honorable 
discharge from the Marine Corp., Grady resided in Louisiana 
and continued his career in music playing in the LA – AR – TX
tri-state area. Grady has performed and/or written with such 
talents as: Donny Carter, Fred Carter Jr., Tracy Lawrence, Mark 
Leland, Thomas Michael Riley, Country Fever Band, Eloy 
Gonzales & The Troubadours, Tim Calhoun, Cross Creek Band, 
Randy McKinnon, Country Caravan, Phoenix Band, The Texas 
High Riders and many, many more. Grady currently is making 
his home in Lytton Springs, TX and brings his unique style and 
talent to the stage performing throughout the Central and South 
Texas area. Grady was voted best musician in Caldwell County 
in 2012 and 2013.

Craig Head

Craig had his first gig at the age of 14 years. After that night, something happened to this Southern Rocker that changed his life forever…MUSIC!!!
Craig’s blend of country and rock has taken him many places. Craig has performed with several local bands around the Central Texas area. He has performed with Low Water Xing, County Line Band, Jokers Wild, Savannah Rose and now he brings his country rocking talent to the Keen Country Band.

Jerry McNulty

Jerry first started playing guitar at the age of 14 but his real passion began at 19 when he found the Dobro and Lap steel. Jerry spent many years playing with his family in a traveling band, playing everything from Bluegrass to Country and Rock. In 1997 as a soldier in the US Army he became a part of the 101st Air Borne Division Country Band playing Lap steel. After his Honorable discharge from the Army, Jerry came home to Texas to play in a few area bands. After a few years he took a break from music to spend time with his two children and help share with them his love of the outdoors and Scouting. As the kids grew, he grabbed a hold of their growing interest in live music and it was pedal to the metal once again. Jerry added the pedal steel to the lineup and has totally submersed himself in the lifelong study of that great and beautiful instrument. Jerry has performed with Texas Lilly and the Next of Kin, Bubba Payne and Blue Denim, David Lavigne’s Wild West show, John Allen Band, Train Town, and the Logan Ryan Band. In Dec 2020 he found a home with the country rocking sound of the Keen Country Band.

David Lynch

David started playing music at the age of 10, in his twenty's he started playing the bass guitar and has played in multiple bands throughout the years. In the late 1990's he was part of Texas blues band Diamond Blue, and played all around south texas. In 2003 he was part of Houston based blues band Brother2Brother and toured till 2005, he then joined Southern rock band Navasota Rio and played the Hotter than Hell Hog tour. His music genre includes Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, and Country music. He is now with The Keen Country Band .

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