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Keen Country Band is to say the least a very versatile band. Along with the original music mostly written by Grady Keenan and Don Carter and composing assisted by Craig Head , KCB plays a wide variety of genres. It is no surprise that the ages of their fan base has such a wide range of followers. KCB plays Honky-Tonk, Traditional Country, Rock-a-billy, New Country, Southern Rock and Blues. Venues have a great benefit with this versatility. KCB can fit in to almost any venue and perform acceptable music to a vast majority of the patrons. Along with winning awards and being able to share their music on the radio, KCB keeps a pretty full schedule of performance dates. These dates can be found on their web site: KCB has been in the music scene for over ten years. In this time period, they have not cancelled one performance date! This is a difficult thing to achieve! Many folks wonder how this can be so. It is rare that a group or even a single artist can achieve this! KCB is fortunate to be structured with redundancy in the group. Most all members are strong vocalist and many play multiple instruments. This keeps the performances happing even if members experience a family emergency or through sickness trials. It also helps when the members love what they do and strive to stay healthy and on top of their game. Keen Country Band is good at what they do and love doing it. Meeting new people, new venues and playing music people enjoy is the driving force of their success. To learn more about KCB, check them out on Facebook, ReverbNation and as always their web site mentioned above.

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